Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Sometimes we complaine about our lives. We are never satisfied with it. If we don't have everything we want, if we don't go places we want..... Do we ever think about our grand parents' lives... About their lives and times..

Today's post is dedicated to a man who is 92 years old that's been through second world war. He was kept as a prisoner in Germany for 4 years during the war , didn't see his home for 6 years. He is old school gentleman. Addresses everybody with yes sir, very polite and respectful, he shaves every morning at 4 AM and dresses nicely every day. His mind is very sharp and would remember all songs he learned as a school boy. He would always say : I dont remember what I had for lunch yesteray but I sure remember everything what happpened 70 years ago. Sometimes he reminds me of Paul Newman.
Three months ago he lost his beloved wife of 65 years and was there by her side till they took her away from him.
I hope he will stay in our family for a very very long time.

For this layout I used Graphic 45 papers.

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  1. Moj globok poklon temu gospodu! Še mnoga zdrava leta mu želim!